Why us

Every soul is precious because Jesus shed his blood for us all

One is the key, never underestimate the power of one soul, one little boy, helpful to feed five thousand, john 6 v 9-13 one little girl, instrumental in healing a world military leader, 2 kings 5v13 one woman, influential in saving a nation Esther 4v14 one man, foundational in saving mankind from extinction, Hebrew 11v7 one son, pivotal and essential in god’s plan of redemption, roman 5v17

Understand this, you are all important in the plan of God. There is work for every one of us in the harvest fields. Jesus commanded us to pray to the lord of the harvest to sed forth laborers into the harvest fields. The harvest truly is plenty, but the laborers are few


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Banking Details

Jesus Christ For All Nations Evangelistic Ministries International
Non Profit Organization (Religious)


Bank: Nedbank

Account number: 1211414140

Branch code: 15110500

Type of account: Cheque

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