About Us

Our mandate is to reach the lost for Jesus, 

To reach all Nations for Jesus

JCFAN started by Evangelist Akash and his wife Chandini Chathuri, children names Eugene and Celina, registered the organisation in 09/10/2020, whilst also running the church namely Johannesburg Christian Family Center since 2016.

Born from a humble Hindu family and being a staunch God searcher to know the true God gave his life to Jesus in 1993, being 16 years of age and in grade 11, after he had taken ill and no doctor nor temple nor sangoma could help. Pastor Akash and his mother Mrs. Bhanmathi Autar was invited to a cell group in Kwa-Zulu Natal, P.R Bodasingh estate and the elder prayed for his healing and immediately the Lord healed me. Mum and I decided to follow Jesus leaving behind being sai baba devotees and followed Jesus Christ. Ever since no turning back, attended the AFM church in Stanger Kwa-Zulu Natal, I was called into the ministry at early age of 16, ordained 2005, many years after I started preaching in open places in public, other small churches, then travelled into the mission fields in Nigeria, and Pakistan, engaging in mass evangelism.

Our mandate is to reach the lost for Jesus, my family is in full support in financial and moral support in this world evangelism to reach all nations for Jesus. We have also a University which I run, to identify, train and equip those who want to serve the lord and get involved in the harvest field

Our Mission

Our mission and vision are, “Winning millions of souls for Jesus, one soul at a time”
Every soul is precious because Jesus shed his blood for us all

One is the key, never underestimate the power of one soul, one little boy, helpful to feed five thousand, john 6 v 9-13 one little girl, instrumental in healing a world military Leaders daughter, 2 kings 5v13 one woman, influential in saving a nation Esther 4v14 one man, foundational in saving mankind from extinction, Hebrew 11v7 one son, pivotal and essential in god’s plan of redemption, roman 5v17

Understand this, you are all important in the plan of God. There is work for every one of us in the harvest fields. Jesus commanded us to pray to the lord of the harvest to sed forth laborers into the harvest fields. The harvest truly is plenty, but the laborers are few

Become a Partner

We work with any ministry to make waves and restore Revival as the days of Acts 2

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